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WonderBra x Dita Von Teese: Science of Sexy

In a time when celebrities are designing collections for everything from clothing to appliances, it’s refreshing to see a celebrity collaboration that actually makes sense.  Wonderbra selected Dita Von Teese, the sexiest woman alive, to design a collection for them and from what I’ve seen, it’s a match made in heaven.  Unlike other celebrity lines, the Science of Sexy Collection by Dita actually looks like pieces that she would wear.  The collection features retro-inspired pieces in a color palette of black and beige with pops of red.  Ruffles, polka dots, bows and lace add feminine accents to the pieces.  All of the Wonderbras come with coordinating panties and accessories and are really lovely.  The collection is in stores in the U.K. but can be purchased online at Asos, Debenhams, Fig Leaves, Next, Simply Yours, House of Fraser, and Little Woods Direct.  Check out pictures of Dita wearing all of the pictures in the collection and the Science of Sexy film after the jump.

Science of Sexy by Dita Von Teese Film

Science of Sexy by Dita Von Teese Collection

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