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We Got The Beat: Me Gusta

Me gusta “Me Gusta” mucho!!! Some months ago I received a friend request on myspace from a music page called “Me Gusta”. How many music friend requests do you get on the daily…tons and it tends to be lot’s of  stuff, that well…no me gusta. Don’t remember what it was exactly that made me stick around and have a listen…perhaps the pict of them rockin’ vintage Starter Jackets and Jordan gear but after the first beat dropped on their “Mr Me Too La La Remix”, I stuck around to listen to all their tracks and even added their “Small Sunshine Lover Remix” to my myspace page for a hot sec.

Small Sunshine Lover

Small Sunshine Lover

The Me Gusta duo is Sean Paul and Domo and they represent for The Bay Area working their magic from San Jose, CA. Their sound is on some tech-hop-8-bit-808-blip-blop craze and it most certainly GOES! Oh and their vintage game is tight. Did I mention they are only 17 yrs old? Yeah.

See more and download their “Remixtape Vol.1” after the jump!

ME GUSTA Remixtape Vol. 1

ME GUSTA Remixtape Vol. 1

Download “Remixtape Vol.1” here! myspace them here and imeem them here! Stay posted for their “Remixtape Vol. 2”!!

Me Gusta

Me Gusta

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4 Responses to “We Got The Beat: Me Gusta”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:


    I downloaded their ReMix Vol. 1 a while back and have been doing the wop to it since. At 17 these kids are beat machine prodigies! Very well produced remixes. If you’re not yet familiar, get on it!

    Thanks for posting this LIZ!

  2. segaxsaturn says:

    they got the bay in a headdlockk

  3. Atomic did it first! Nah, thanks for recognizing some true talent out of my own digs. If you don’t remember, I was beside you ladies at the first fall 07 photoshoot (the blonde). Any how, check out my updated interview with Sean of ME GUSTA at atomiczine.blogspot.com!

    Much love <3

  4. dunk0kidd101 says:

    These guys run shit.

    Hop on they track A.S.A.P!!!

    I guarantee you’ll get hooked on they beats.



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