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Say No to Overagressive Marketing!

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I’m not one to write-by rant much, but today I have officially had enough with the overagressive marketing tactics from Karmaloop. You see, I got this text message this afternoon offering me a 20% off coupon code, which probably doesn’t seem like that big a deal, except that I have to pay for all incoming and outgoing text messages, and I never gave them permission to contact me in this manner. It’s not enough that I am constantly bombarded with their ads and coupon codes in my e-mail, on myspace, facebook, various websites I visit, and from their reps posting all over message boards and other websites I frequent. I know my broken Nokia from the year 1812 is advertising that yeah, I could probably use some major discounts in my life, and I am well aware that you barely ever have to pay full price for anything on their website – and in fact have taken advantage of that whenever they’ve had something I needed/wanted to buy. But the fact of the matter is, the privacy policy stated on their website reads as such:

Uses of Information

We use the information we collect from you for billing purposes and to fill your orders. We do not store your credit card information. If you have created a Username and Password to the site or if you have signed up to receive our Email Newsletter updates we may use your purchase history to personalize special offers and promotions. These offers and promotions will be delivered to you in the form of an email newsletter.

and in no way, shape, or form, no matter how creative your imagination, is a text message sent to a cellular phone number an e-mail newsletter.

Some of you might be saying “slow your roll Hotstepper! It’s just 20 cents worth of text message!” but I think it’s a big deal because in this day and age with increased invasive technology and identity theft, If I have willingly trusted a company with my private information, and they promise to keep it safe, and only use it as they have legally stated, and they do not, I am going to take issue with that. And beside this issue, in the past I have had other problems with Karmaloop’s marketing team, and don’t like their constant and overagressive need to tap into scenes and markets that if you’ve been entrenched in, it’s quite obvious that they are kind of clueless about, and approach like the final segment of supermarket sweep where you grab the giant meats, diapers, and the macadamia nuts because, staples – every contestant ever always does, and then throw everything else in the store in your cart because now you’ve ensured that your checkout total is going to be high. So here’s how I roll: today officially marks the day that I will unbecome a Karmaloop customer, period. I don’t care if they are the last place on earth to buy, or have the best price on that limited edition wangdoodle that I coveted, they will not get one more penny of my money. Kisses.

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One Response to “Say No to Overagressive Marketing!”

  1. Holla says:

    I got the same thing from them. Did you contact them about it? What did they say?


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