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New MAC Notebooks From Apple Released TODAY!

Photo: Umpa/Flicker via Gadget Lab on WIRED

My gadget advisor shared with me that Apple is releasing new Notebooks today. I could have used this info 4 months ago when I bought a new Macbook Pro…but I feel very confident that I will be notified of these things in a more timely manner now…thanks to my G.A. I digress, my apologies, so yes, today Apple is releasing new versions of the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Both are said to be all aluminum and although the thought of an $800 MacBook (this was an early rumor) made me really happy, it seems that was too good to be true. The above photo is only a concept image but leaked picts of an actual MacBook Pro can be viewed here. Get all the juicy details from the techno pros at Gadget Lab.

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    Great post, would you mind expanding on the topic a bit in the future?


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