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More Than Just A Pretty Face

The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is curating an exhibit next Spring entitled The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion, and explores the role that models play in the design process.  The exhibit will analyze the changing faces of fashion and ideal beauty throughout history.  Harold Koda, the head curator of The Costume Institute stated:  “In every period, high fashion is presented and made desirable by a handful of models who capture in their beauty the ideals of the day.”  The Model As Muse will feature over 70 pieces of haute couture and ready to wear, along with photographs and video footage from each time period to set the tone.  The exhibit opens to the public on May 6th and will run through August 9th.  I adore history and seeing the process behind creating a design and this exhibit is an interesting way to explore how it all interacts and comes together to make beautiful wearable art.  The exhibit is quite some time away but will be a show stopper as it will launch The Costume Insitute’s Benefit Gala.

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