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Miss Universe by Ruby Veridiano-Ching

Ruby Miss Universe
Cover Art by Fahamu Pecou

When I received the manuscript for Miss Universe, I was excited to read it because it’s been quite some time since I’ve read some poetry.  I found Ruby Veridiano-Ching’s collected writings inspiring and healing, with Ms. Veridiano-Ching showing a wisdom beyond her years.  She’s mother-figure, sister, best friend – all wrapped into one.  Ms. Veridiano-Ching speaks to all women, gives voice to their innermost thoughts, insecurities and vulnerabilities, and in sharing, she makes us realize we are not alone in our self-defeating thoughts.

Ruby Veridiano-Ching’s poems and writings cover a period of her life where she explores what it means to be a young, independent woman.  She writes about everything from love lost to racism, but in a casual approachable way.  Just because she writes poetry doesn’t mean that you won’t find a “hella” thrown in or references to pop culture.  I ran through her writings so quickly, completely absorbed in her words, at one moment near tears and the next letting out a big laugh.  Ruby has so much to say and so much to share and I think Miss Universe is definitely something you should treat your mind to.  Miss Universe releases later this month on October 26th, complete with a launch party at Milk in San Francisco.  Miss Universe is a multi-faceted project that includes it’s own “soundtrack” and Ruby even designed a pair of earrings with the ladies of Made Jewelry. Stay tuned with more news on the release and for pictures of the earrings!

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3 Responses to “Miss Universe by Ruby Veridiano-Ching”

  1. Patty says:

    Ruby is such an inspiration and her words speak on emotions that aren’t able to be transcribed. I am juiced about the book release and I hope yall are too. She has a beautiful spirit and is definitely a great role model. Get it!

  2. mary says:

    I’m so excited!!! Miss Universe, wow such a fitting name for a beauty queen!

  3. Cheers for the insightful post on the this matter!


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