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M.I.S.S. Get’s Intimate with Mr. INSA

With INSA‘s recent release of the INSA-Heels we had the chance to catch-up with him and chat about all things heels. From his initial interest in heels to confirming it is actually a fetish or not we dig deep and get intimate with Mr. INSA. See our original editorial spread of the INSA-Heels here.

Custom heels from Insa’s first solo exhibit in 2005 ‘Insa’s Graffiti Fetish’

When did your fascination with women’s heels begin?

Well I started painting heels about 5years ago. It began when I noticed I could spell my name in the shapes of high heels! After a bit I started to just focus on the heel itself as I realized what a power symbol it is.

Insa gets up: INSA-Heel poster in Nottingham

What is it about heels that inspires you?

So much about heels inspires me- the shape of the object itself, the effect it has on a woman’s posture. The fact they represent so much to many different kinds of people- money, power, sex, fashion, the battle between male and female sexuality, dominance and submission, fetishism, consumer obsession.

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Would you consider your interest in heels a fetish?

I wouldn’t say I have a sexual fetish for heels but I have become a little obsessed and I’m fascinated by the role of objects in fetishism and the way that consumer objects can become major parts of sexual desire.

Custom INSA-Heels from the Extrabold Exhibit earlier this year

When did you start customizing heels?

The first pair of custom heels I did were hand-made laser engraved about 5 years ago. They were meant as a piece of art in one of my early exhibitions- an ultimate object of desire. I wanted the addition of my artwork to an already desirable object to illustrate the notion of art being a consumer fetish.

When you design the heels, do you picture the woman who would wear them? What is she wearing (if anything) with them?

I didn’t really picture an individual- when I was designing this range of heels- I had two kinds of women in mind. The girl that wears fresh kicks most of the time and has the occasional time where she has to rock some heels and so should rock the coolest heels she can, and the lady that loves heels, is obsessed with heels and has many pairs already and just won’t be able to resist this pure celebration of the classic stiletto.

Insa mashes his love for kicks and heels creating the ‘Dunk Heel’…Nike, we think this is a most excellent look! hint, hint, hint!

Tell us about your new project. How did it come about?

Well as I said already, all my custom heel pieces have been created as artworks before now, but after years of daily email requests asking for my heels to wear- and as my personal interest in product as art and the cross over between art and design has grown, it felt like the right time to take these art heels and produce them for a wider audience.

Do you like other kinds of women’s footwear or are you all about the heels?

Would have to say its pretty much just sneakers and heels…

Where will the Insa heels be sold?

As the first collection is so limited it will be available exclusively at www.insa-heels.com

Is this a 1 time collection or will it be seasonal?

Seasonal! Yes this is just the first release. We have several more styles planned: Hot new colourways, capsule collections that move away from the classic INSA print, boots, platforms. I will make sure to keep you posted…

What else can the ladies look forward to?

So apart from the realisation of INSA HEELS as a fully independent shoe brand ☺ I’ll also be focusing on my painting and will be doing more exhibitions and parties in various locations. I also have a couple of nice clothing collabs in the works. Best to check out www.insaland.com/blog regularly to keep up to date!

Is there anyone that you’d like to work with?

There are many artists I respect and admire who would be amazing to work with so it’s hard to choose one, in terms of a brand I think I would love to do a project with Agent Provocateur- I think that could be something special.

Opening Spread from our INSA-Heels editorial spread…trying to make that Insa x Agent Provocateur collabo happen!

Big THANKS and much Love to Mr. Insa for chatting it up with us!! Looking forward to what’s to come!

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