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M.I.S.S. BCAM: Dork Glasses & Keep-A-Breast

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Dork glasses is a lifestyle accessories brand from Hawaii. And in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month they have team-up with non-profit breast cancer awareness foundation, Keep-A-Breast (K.A.B.) and created an exclusive color way of DORK’s popular D1 sunglasses and appropriately named them “Boobies”.

Dork Glasses

Dork Glasses

Now you can rock boobies on your face all day everyday! Yeah!! Read more after the jump!

The DORK x K.A.B D1 features a light green and pink two-tone color way, which are K.A.B’s official colors. Both the DORK logo and K.A.B’s “Boobies�? logo are adorned on the inside arms of the sunglasses.

500 pairs of the DORK x K.A.B D1 have been produced and will be sold at DORK retailers and K.A.B. events, including K.A.B.’s informational and merchandise tent at every stop on this years’ Warp Tour. DORK will donate a portion of the proceeds from these sales to the K.A.B. Foundation.

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Dork glasses

Dork glasses

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  1. GLITT3R SG says:

    They’re so dorky, they’re cool! I love it, boobies on your face:) Thanks for posting!


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