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Married To The Mob x Nike Dunk High Supreme

Hey Ladies!  Nike has teamed up with Married to the Mob to create a Dunk Supreme for the ladies as a Tier 0 release.  Finally!  It’s about time that Nike has realized that women want special-edition kicks.  Nike has recently started working with more independent women designers like X-girl and Claw Money and now, we’ve got the MOB Dunk High Supreme.  The shoe features a woven cotton upper with black patent details, leather lining, gold metal flap clips and lace lock.  Word on the street is that the shoe is inspired by Chanel – the woven cotton is supposed to mimic the tweed from Chanel jackets and the gold patent toe references the Chanel toe-cap shoes.  The shoe drops in Nike Tier 0 accounts on November 8th!  Check out more photos after the jump.

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4 Responses to “Married To The Mob x Nike Dunk High Supreme”

  1. Renata Mendoza says:

    Where Can iGet These iReally Want Them!!!!

  2. Renata Mendoza says:

    Where Can iGet These iReally Want them?
    Please……… Where Can iGet Them Anyone Wanna
    Sell Them To Me??? iNeed Them!

  3. Renata Mendoza says:

    where can i get them??????

  4. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Renata,
    They were sold at Tier O accounts – you may want to contact MOB directly to find out where – they may be sold out by now.


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