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Married To The Mob – Holiday

Married To The Mob‘s holiday season has hit the web with a sassy photo sesh featuring Tabatha looking officially growed up. Check it out, and buy here.

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4 Responses to “Married To The Mob – Holiday”

  1. Kimbot says:

    damn the bitch hoody is pretty much sold out already! congrats to mob on that! sucks for me :(

  2. hopefully some of their other online retailers (Cultistshop, Krudmart, Karmaloop) will carry it as well. keep watch!

  3. Kimbot says:

    80spurple too i hope lol

  4. Nanna says:

    Is it really just me that’s totally not down with Tab’s pics? I mean, she’s super pretty, no doubt, but did she really need to look trashy like that? His dad is a straight legend for our culture and she goes out and do that? I think she should know better than this.


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