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Gianni Versace Couture

Donatella Versace is taking the luxury beauty sector to new heights with the introduction of a new fragrance, called simply, Gianni Versace Couture. The eau de parfum comes in a bottle encased in white hand-stitched leather and the bottle comes in a white leather hand-stitched train case. Both the bottle and the train case have a gold plate with “Gianni Versace Couture” engraved in it. The new fragrance will release in November in Europe and in the U.S. in December. Distribution of Gianni Versace Couture wiill be limited to the 84 Versace boutiques worldwide, with only 100 sets have been produced. Gianni Versace Couture will retail for $2,100, and at that price, I hope it smells like money. I’m wondering if in this economic climate, the people who don’t usually worry about money, are worrying about money? Is it in bad taste to issue products like this when most people are suffering economically? Granted, this product has been in development for 3 years, but does anyone else think this may not be the best time for this?  Am I sounding like a communist?  Don’t get me wrong the packaging is beautiful and I guess since you can reuse the case the price seems a bit more justifiable.  What do you think??

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