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Free Gold Watch Fall ’08 Holiday Collection

“High-Waisted Jean” Tromp L’oeil Tee

I knew Free Gold Watch was a special brand when I first heard of it a few years back.  They’re “gold watch” that came with each piece that could be slapped on your wrist at any time was ingenious in a very cute way that made me giggle.  Each season they’ve had their interesting twist on tees but I have to say that I’m blown away this season.  One of the tees they did is a tromp l’oeil high-waisted jean – but they actually added a working zipper and faux pockets!  Other favorites included a BFF Charms 2-pack t-shirt set, a funny twist on the classic “I Heart NY” tee and an homage to one of my favorite animated ladies, Olive Oyl.

Today, Free Gold Watch is launching their online store with select pieces for sale on their site.  If you don’t find what you want there, you can find Free Gold Watch‘s Holiday Collection at these retailers:  Avenue, 50/50 Grind, Caruso Caruso, Centre, Decade Pittsburgh, Density, Dig Lifestyles, The Giant Peach, Lavish & Squalor, Lux De Ville, Premium Goods, Private Stock, Revolution, Ryzen 7, Sema, Solemates, Una Mae’s, Wolfgang & more. In the meantime FGW clothing can be found at Karmaloop, The Giant Peach, and Turntable Lab.

More pictures and a VIMBY segment on Free Gold Watch after the jump.

“In Love Y?”

BFF Charms 2-Pack Tee Set

Olive Oyl

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3 Responses to “Free Gold Watch Fall ’08 Holiday Collection”

  1. The Free Gold Watch ladies tees are DOPE! I should pick one up for both of my girlfriends.

  2. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Bwahaha. Funny guy! Yes, get them those BFF tees.

    I’m totally impressed by these tees! Just when I thought I’ve seen it all with Milton Glaser’s “I HEART NY” they go and flip it like that! High-waisted jeans tee? Never saw that coming!

    Kudos to FGW!

  3. I was totally peeping this stuff hard at the Pool show in August.


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