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Cody Ross Presents Priestess NYC

A line that’s recently caught my eye is Priestess NYC, a women’s contemporary line based in NYC.  Designed by Cody Ross, the collection features flirty, feminine pieces that feature beautiful construction details and flattering silhouettes.  The fall 08 line includes adorable jumpsuits, the perfect denim pencil skirt, sexy tops and party frocks perfect for dancing the night away.  Priestess NYC is about finding the sacred in all women and letting it shine by wearing comfortable, beautiful clothing.  Priestess NYC not only produces clothing but also jewelry – the kind that you can pile on, but won’t weigh you down.  Check out more pics of my favorite pieces and a stockists after the jump.

Selected Stockists:

We One You Two (DC)
Sucre New York (NYC)
No-One (London)
Pearly (Hong Kong)
D-Mop (Select Stores, cHINA)
Harvey Nichols (London/Dubai)
SHINE (Tokyo)
Ad Hoc (China)
Ambush (Singapore)
UK Style (Russia)
Thistle & Clover (NYC)
Ad Hoc (Shanghai)
Rebel (Vancouver)
TG-170 (NYC)
RAIL (Italy)
Premium 93 (Dallas)
Clothes Minded (Virginia)
Friendship Store (China)
Lane Crawford (select, Asia)

If you don’t find a store near you, search by your zip code here.

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  1. black and pink jumpsuits, please. thank you.


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