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Always A Lady: Miss Jet Set

Everyone has some place they need to be – whether it’s the morning commute to work, or the vacation you’ve been waiting for. Whether your mode of transport is a plane, train or automobile, the rules of travel apply. Maybe it’s the potential for lost baggage, missed connections or just being late for work, but sometimes your fellow travelers can be quite rude and inconsiderate. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you’re traveling:

Keep The Scents Under Wraps
Never use beauty products with very strong scents in enclosed places like airplanes. No perfume spraying or polishing nails. In fact, if you’re going to wear perfume on an airplane make sure you put it on well in advance. If not, the scent will be too strong and you’ll think you smell great but in fact, you’re giving everyone around you a headache.

Out Before In
This rule applies mainly to buses, trains and elevators. Always let the people exiting get out first before you attempt to enter. When waiting, stand to the side so you’re not blocking anyone’s way.

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Get Out Of The Way
If you need to adjust your bags or dig into one of your bags to find something don’t just stop in your tracks in the middle of a pathway. Try to move off to the side, out of the way of traffic, so you won’t be in the way and you won’t have to rush because you’re in the way.

Don’t Push

Seating Arrangements
Always offer your seat to the elderly, pregnant women and small children (unless you yourself are one of the above). If the bus or train is not full you can let your bag take up a seat. If the vehicle is getting crowded don’t take up a seat for your bag if there are people standing. It’s very rude and selfish. Also, don’t put your feet or wet umbrellas on the seats either.

Traveling should be enjoyable, and if you are kind and considerate, you’ll find the whole experience more fun.  Buon Viaggio!

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