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Always A Lady: Keep It Classy

As a kid I used to love getting dressed up for Halloween, from Raggedy Anne to Rainbow Bright, I always loved coming up with a costume each year.  Somewhere during college I realized that an alarming number of women used Halloween as an excuse to dress up as a whore (sorry if it sounds harsh but it’s true).  Whether dressed as a “sexy nurse,” “sexy postal worker,” or “sexy fill-in-the-blank,” I noticed that most costumes had an emphasis on lack of clothing, than on portraying a character.  It really saddens me that women feel they need to dress scantily (and often in bad taste) to attract attention.  I assure you, any attention you attract is not the kind worth having.  Halloween is about dressing up in character, not a time for getting naked.  You only end up looking silly and insecure (especially because it’s usually really cold outside!).  Instead, opt for a costume that will show how beautiful, or clever, or funny or creative you are.  All women have T&A, show us something the others don’t have.  In sum, ladies, my message to you this Halloween is please keep it classy.

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3 Responses to “Always A Lady: Keep It Classy”

  1. Justine says:

    Wow. You took the words right out of my mouth. Last year I seen someone dress up in all pink with a shoe attached to their head…gum under a shoe. Now THAT was pretty clever AND funny. It’s too bad such creativity is rare amongst the scantily clad. Nonetheless, Happy Halloween M.I.S.S. Crew!!! =)

  2. Justine says:

    THank you thank you for this post! a daily paper over here had a poll about women dressing up (or next-to-undressing, for that matter) and one of the answers was “It’s all in good fun” – I don’t understand how dressing so little could be in good fun, especially when it’s just for the boys to gawk at.

    happy halloween from another Justine! (ha, didn’t notice that til now)

  3. Queen of Bows Stella says:

    True that. I’m glad you said it- no need to apologize for it.
    I hope this kept some un-classy costumes off the streets this year.


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