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A Message From The Republican National Committee: Ladies, It’s Not What You Think, It’s What You Look Like

The media has been abuzz this week with news of the Republican National Committee footing the bill for Sarah Palin’s hair, makeup, clothing and accessories costing over $150,000. The RNC quickly stated that Palin’s wardrobe will be donated after the campaign. There are plenty of powerful political women, from Geraldine Ferraro when she ran for V.P., to Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, and I don’t ever recall the Democratic Party paying for their female politicians “makeovers.” As someone in the fashion industry, something like this only proves the power of image and why looking good can be important in making oneself feel good and perform at their best. As a woman, I’m infuriated, because the message that I’m hearing from the Republican’s is this: Whatever comes out of her mouth is a mess, just dress her up and make her look good and it all won’t matter. I wish they had spent $150,000 and put it toward educating her, or maybe hiring a speech coach. As someone that loves fashion, I know the importance of looking good. It just saddens me that as a woman, ultimately to many people like the Republicans, it just comes down to how you look.

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