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1925-1940 Paris/New York Design Exhibit
One of my favorite periods for fashion, architecture, design, art and culture is 1925-1940, the height of Art Deco, from Coco Chanel to the Chrysler Building, many of my favorites came out of this movement.   Now, the Museum of the City of New York is hosting an exhibition entitled: Paris/New York, Design/Fashion/Culture 1925 – 1940.  The exhibition explores not only the art and culture of the time, but also film and performing arts.  It explores the cross-national dialogue of designers and members of the Art Deco movement as a culture of community rather than one rooted in isolation.  Key figures of the movement are explored including our beloved Coco Chanel, Josephine Baker and Salvador Dali.  The exhibit runs through February 22nd, but if you won’t be in NY before then, you can purchase the exhibition catalog here.  I am definitely going to check this exhibit out (and get the book) and if you are in NY, I would definitely recommend checking this out.

Museum info after the jump.

Museum of the City of New York
1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd St.
New York, NY 10029
212.534.1672 Phone
212.423.0758 Fax

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