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We Got The Beat: Third Wave

Ladies, I thought I’d do something a little different and take you on a trip to the early ’70s with this one…

Third Wave was a pop jazz vocal group consisting of 5 teenage Filipino sisters from Stockton, California that was discovered by funky keybordist and long time Frank Zappa collaborator George Duke. Duke brought the sisters over to Germany in 1970, where he produced and recorded the album ,Here and Now for German label MPS. The album is a beautiful collection of bossanova-sunshine-psych-pop-jazz numbers with vocal harmonies that will knock your socks off and infectious and catchy melodies that will send you California Dreamin’ ala The Mamas and The Papas.

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“Waves Lament” starts the album off swinging but eases down into a smooth melancholy that invokes the image of a smoky and almost dream-like lounge full of hard-drinking, chain-smoking types in polyester pant suits.

See the video for “Waves Lament” below:

If you dig that, wait till you hear the Third Wave cover of “Eleanor Rigby.” When I first heard it, it simply blew me away! I’m okay with cover songs and “Eleanor Rigby” has been done right many times over…but I’m about to call it—this is the best version EVER!

Click on the image below to download “Eleanor Rigby” by Third Wave.

The Here and Now album was reissued in 1999 by German reissue label Crippled Dick Hot Wax Records (I don’t make this stuff up!) but it’s hard to come by. Not much more is known about Third Wave but word is two of the sisters and their brother are working on a new album.

Hope you dig them!

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