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We Got The Beat: Rave Invades the Hood

A friend recently shared this with me. Knowing my love and background in the old school Rave scene, he thought I would appreciate this. He was right. There’s this Hood meets Rave thing happening. And I am certainly feeling it. The Hyphy movement that started in the Bay some years ago is a perfect example of hood meets Rave. Talk of whistle blowing, “rollin”, the baggy bright colored clothing, the wild, hyper dancing…is soooo reminicent of the 90’s rave culture. So now we’re starting to hear hip hop and rap over old rave beats. This track “Say Yeah” by Wix Khalifa samples the beat from Alice Dee.Jay’s “Your Better Off Alone” Rave/Club anthem circa 1999.  You’ll be hearing way more stuff like this very soon…so keep an ear out.

Peep the original after the jump!

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3 Responses to “We Got The Beat: Rave Invades the Hood”

  1. karlamuffin says:

    I remember being so young and jamming to Better Off Alone. Ahhh… how I miss my rave days.

  2. tupacs wifey says:

    Feeling this shit LIKE WOAH!!!!!! I heard this jam on the radio and it took me back to the days when I didn’t have a care in the world….but hangin’ out, smokin’ blunts, and going to the next party or massive. Who’s driving?????? hahaha

  3. BLB BLB says:

    Oh ladies, please believe I miss those days on the daily!!!! So happy ya’ll can relate…got more coming for you soon! xoxo


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