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We Got The Beat: ICY LYTES

So much music, so little time. But not always so much music worth lending your ear too, ya know? A couple of months ago I received a friend request on myspace from ICY LYTES. I was immediately attracted to their eye-candy of a page and then my ears gave their approval when my ass started wiggling in my seat. ICY LYTES is MO-NEEX and BEEX, hailing from LA, this duo is pretty new to the scene. Breaking-out this past Spring they describe their sound as “hyphy-crunk-ghettofab ready to illuminate and percolate”. Sounds about right to me. I would also add: grime, hiptro-eltrohop (pretty sure I just made that up) and booty bass…just to name a few. Dope beats, catchy lyrics and rhymes, and worthy of shaking your ass too. Stay posted for the full length EP release Oct. 28th on Oblivionaire Records.

Read more about MO-NEEX and BEEX after the jumpity jump!

MO’NEEX was born in Los Angeles but moved to Kansas City, Missouri in
’97.  Disturbing the peace in the Killa City, she returned to LA in 04′ with
some urban wisdom and a whole lotta rhymes. She met Beex and with his
beat expertise, developed her vocal and lyrical skills as SHE FALLACY. Now
teamed up full force in Icy Lytes, MO’NEEX is unleashed, causing jams like
LA traffic…but no one can stop her flow.

BEEX grew up between LA and Guadalajara, MX, finally settling in LA in
‘04 in search of musical escapades. Starting his musical exploration as
AAART, he broke out of his shell in full form as BEEX. Much like a chicken
incessantly laying eggs, Beex drops remixes, beats, edits, and rhymes
scrambled into the dirtiest, dopest, homegrown LA sounds, with a little bit
of that Mexican chile to spice it all up.

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