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“Transformer” – Prada’s Cultural Events Exhibition Space

Luxury brands have had a long-standing relationship with the arts whether its Louis Vuitton debuting goods designed by Takashi Murakami in a museum (LA & Brooklyn), or Chanel’s Mobile Art Pavillion designed by Zaha Hadid. Prada has always shown an interest in architecture – their boutiques are designed by leading architects and are often works of art themselves. Prada is taking its interest one step further by commissioning Rem Koolhaas to design a tetrahedron structure that will host cultural, art and fashion events that Prada organizes.

The Transformer can be rotated on each side depending on the event, with four different facades and floor plate configurations, so that floors become walls and walls become the ceiling. Each of the four programs will function on unique steel-framed shapes: a hexagon, a cross, a rectangle and a circle.

The transformer will debut in Seoul, Korea next year and will host events from March to July 2009. This is quite an amazing project and I hope that the Transformer makes it’s way stateside.

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