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Tartan: Hit or Miss?

I’ve always been partial to a bit of tartan. When i saw the Dolce and Gabbana campaign, tartan stuck in my mind as something that would be an prominant feature of the average Londoner’s winter wadrobe and that could only be a good thing. Its rich, its regal, its fly.

Well now, i’m not so sure how i feel about it. Overkill??

Its everywhere. Cheap looking pleated miniskirts, tights/stockings?? A vain attempt at recreating Dame Viv’s classic catwalk creations? I also cant help but feel a little irked whenever i see it classes as a “punk” trend. I cringe a little inside..

I’m not so sure that i’m a fan anymore. Think i’ll be putting my tartan bag to slee for winter…

…Although, if its any consolation, i’m in love with the shoes that Aggy and co are wearing in this pic!

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2 Responses to “Tartan: Hit or Miss?”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    There’s a book out called Tartan: Romancing the Plaid that has an in depth look at the history of “one of the world’s favorite fabrics”…I only flipped through the book once but it made me relive my Grunge/Jordan Catalano crushin’ years. I personally like the traditional colors (especially if they border on the “old-man” look, hehe) but that purple plaid above screams Hot Topic to me!

  2. Niesh Money says:

    haha, that’s what i’m seeing everywhere, all over london!

    My boyfriend’s family is scottish…i wonder what his clan’s tartan pattern would be??

    maybe i’m bitter because recently i did a shoot in a horrendous red tartan skirt…ew!xxx


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