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Sweatpant Diaries: The Best of Vegas

M.I.S.S. hearts lots of things, but one of our most favorite things is sweatpants.  When we’re not in our fancy pants, we’re undoubtedly in our sweat pants.  No M.I.S.S. or Mama photoshoot would not be official without me and Liz running around in our favorite pair of sweats.  We’re not the ones in front of the camera – we’re too busy making sure everyone else looks good.  So, we were very excited to see several lines offering their take on sweat pants.  What follows are our favorites . . . Baby French Terry Pants by In4mation

Sweat “Shorties” by Keep

The Diaper variety by Peggy Noland – perfect for Le Club

Fancy MC Hammer Pants by Mary Meyer

Short and Gathered by CTRL

Traditional with a twist – Gathered Bottoms and Box Pleats Down The Side by Hellz Bellz

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