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Sandy Clothing – Hoodie Love From South America

We get lots of email about product so sometimes it’s hard to get everything up on the site.  But sometimes, you see something that’s really cute that you want the whole world to know about.  Florencia wrote from Chile to tell me about her line of clothing that she makes Sandy Clothing.  She’s indie and starting small – all of her pieces are one-of-a-kind and hand-made.  She doesn’t have a website yet but you can check out all of her clothing on her flickr page.  I did ask her some questions via email and this is what she had to say about here line:

My name is Florencia Infante , I’m a Chilean artist, that just for fun started this mini business named SANDYCLOTHING . . . Her[e] in South America [it] is very difficult to have cool, unique, fresh and “cheap” clothing, so I decided to start sewing and designing by my own, at the beginning for my friends, but now many people want to have their own Sandy.  In my work as a designer I like to mix different textures and prints of fabrics in one garment, that because each fabric gives a different feeling so they are not boring and it makes you want to touch and keep on looking at them. I make unique hoodies, one piece clothing, its like an art piece or a drawing, just one! but at the same time their are cheap, 60 dollars is not that much. . . So I think its a good mix between art  and fashion design, because you can wear a art fashion piece for a reasonable price. . .
Sandy hoodies look so comfy and cozy – the kind that you’d wear all the time.  I love her patchwork of contrasting fabrics and colors – my favorites involved black but Florencia isn’t afraid of color.

Check out more pictures after the jump!

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3 Responses to “Sandy Clothing – Hoodie Love From South America”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    They looks so cozy, indeed! That Black and White hoodie is some monochromatic goodness!


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