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New Favorite Site Alert: The Selby!

Lady Jennine of The Coveted recently posted on The Selby, a beyond-amazing site by photographer Todd Selby. Selby goes into the homes of creative people and documents their native environments allowing us to witness their existence. For an added treat, he also includes a fun handwritten interview with each person!

I’m with you, Jennine! How thrilling to get a look inside the home of Judi Rosen, the designer behind The Good, The Bad and The Ugly NYC (pictured above)!

Get a look into the homes of everyone from Alexander Wang to Lesley Arfin to Mark The Cobrasnake‘s grandma Renne (fo’ real!) at!

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3 Responses to “New Favorite Site Alert: The Selby!”

  1. lady coveted says:

    oh yeah.. i love that site so much… it’s given me a whole new confidence in how my own home decor. and his photos are amzing!
    (the designer for GBU is Judi Rosen)

  2. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Oh my! I guess I was so excited to post about this I Apple+C’d/Apple+V’d too fast! Corrected!

    Anyway…YES! Agreed! Seeing some of the stuff Judi Rosen has in her place has made me want to hold on to some of my outlandish stuff a little bit longer!

    Thanks Jennine!

  3. lady coveted says:

    yeah, it’s rather inspired me to pick up some more delightful things at the flea market…


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