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M.I.S.S. Vegas Review: No Paparazzi Photos!

As you’ve seen from our past week of coverage, many designers were very open to having their pieces photographed.  However, not all brands allow photos . . . but that doesn’t mean we can’t TELL you what we saw. 

Tarina Tarantino is known for some great collaborations including Barbie, Hello Kitty and Kid Robot.  What’s next?  Hmmmm, we’ll give you a hint, it involves good witches and bad witches, flying monkeys, a yellow brick road and some Pink Floyd.  Ok, well maybe no Pink Floyd, but the next collab project for Tarina Tarnatino is The Wizard of Oz, in celebration of the 70th anniverasary of the classic film.  The collection will contain four lines inspired by:  Dorothy, Toto, Glinda the Good Witch and The Wicked Witch of the West.  Each line has it’s own colors and stones associated with it, for example, “ruby” for Dorothy, “emerald” for The Wicked Witch of the West, “pearls” for Glinda and “diamonds” for Toto.  The pieces were really cute and this collection should drop soon – we’ll keep you posted!

We’re also excited to announce that Mishka is introducting a full women’s collection complete with cut & sew items.  The collection included tees, leggings, denim, tops and a skirt with detachable hood & suspenders.  Very cute!  Mishka also developed their own custom camo called “stabouflage” and the print is used on several pieces.  The Mishka eyeball motif also plays a large part and you can find them printed all over leggings or embossed on buttons for the denim pieces.  If you were a fan of Mad Balls back in the day, you’ll love this stuff.  The collection drops for Spring so stay tuned!

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