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M.I.S.S. Vegas Review: Mimoco Presents Mimobot & Momiji at Pool

I love products that are cute – but when they are functional AND cute – I absolutely need them in my life. Enter Mimoco, a consumer electronics company/new media studio whose “mission is to bring style and soul to personal tech devices and to share entertainment from the edge or pop culture and digital lifestyle.”   Mimoco’s main product offering is Mimobot, the kawaii answer to plain ol’ USB flash drive.  Mimobot includes original characters, as well as licensed characters by Tokidoki, Gloomy Bear, Friends With You, Reach, Spear Collective and our very favorite, Star Wars.  Check out pictures of the Mimobots after the jump and stay tuned for a Princess Leah Mimobot giveaway coming soon to M.I.S.S.!

Mimoco’s newest addition to their product range is Momiji (pictured below), little message dolls with a space in the base for a tiny personalized note.  Momiji are “perfect for sharing secrets and spreading a little love.”  The dolls are adorable on their own and are made for collecting.  They’re so cute, I want them all!  Check out the rest of the pics after the jump.

The Star Wars Mimobots – sold in sets or individually.  Note the protoHoodie on the Ewok!  It’s a furry hoodie covering for your Mimobot that is a keychain accessory.  Brilliant!  No more worries on losing your USB flash drive.

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