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M.I.S.S. Vegas Review: LeSportsac at Pool Tradeshows

One of the booths that we were most excited to stop and see was LeSportsac. We love LeSportsac and we were so excited to see what new goodies they have lined up for Spring/Summer 2009. LeSportsac was founded in 1974 and, since some time has passed, the brand is preparing itself for a new generation of loyal fans. They’re offering more prints, more silhouettes and more options in exclusivity and price-point. Some new silhouettes they’ve added is a yoga mat bag (my prayers answered!), laptop cases and covers, totes, belt bags and cosmetics bags. In addition to lots of new prints, LeSportsac is coming out with patents for those of us that like our bags shiny.

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One of the really interesting projects that LeSportsac has going on right now is the Artist In Residence program. LeSportsac is known for the collaborations they’ve done with the likes of Gwen Stefani, Tokidoki, Fafi, and Stella McCartney. The Artist in Residence series is designed to be a canvas for young, up and coming designers, illustrators and artists.  The newest “Artist in Residence” is Fifi Lapin from London.  She’s “part illustration, part fashionista, part couture critic and all bunny!”  Fifi Lapin’s illustrations are showcased on the infamous LeSportsac ripstop canvas on bags that are larger than life.  Everything about the Artist In Residence series is oversized – the bags, the logo tape straps and the zippers.   All of the bags come with a canvas Artist In Residence tag.  There are 3 different illustrations that are part of the Fifi Lapin collection:  “Dress Up,” Fifi’s interpretations of designer looks; “Sweethearts,” Fifi with her beau Sonny Hare traveling the world; and “Fifi In The Sky With Diamonds,” an interpretation of the classic Beatles hit.  The Artist In Residence program features a different artist every six months and the current artist is BFree.  Check out pictures of the collections after the jump.

Fifi Lapin:  Pink canvas “Dress Up”; Blue Canvas ” Sweethearts”; White canvas “Fifi In The Sky”

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  1. Chloe says:

    LeSportsac is my favorite! I can’t wait until the Fifi prints are available!


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