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M.I.S.S. Vegas Review: Ill Parcel at Pool Tradeshow

Ill Parcel, the makers of the infamous Boombox Bag have updated the style to actually include functioning speakers.  Just plug in your iPod or mp3 player, and boom-chicka-boom-boom you’re ghetto blaster is playin’ your tunes.  The bags design has been updated and looks more realistic to me.  The Boomboxes come in several sizes, and varieties including small radio, box radio, combo turntable/cassette player, and small “tape” pouch.

In addition to the Boombox bags, Ill Parcel has a fun collection of bags and small accessories with houndstooth and animal print patterns on a backdrop of fuchsia and turquoise (M.I.S.S. favorites!).  The collection is rounded out with the “undies” cases.  I love all of the bags and accessories and could see myself using all of the pieces.  The pieces are part of the Fall ’09  collection and can be found at Ill Parcel retailers.  Check out more pics after the jump.

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