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M.I.S.S Vegas Review: Fleathers x Magick Outlaw at Pool Tradeshow

One of our favorite jewelry designers, Linda Smyth of Fleathers, got together with Magick Outlaw to produce her signature leather earrings. The leather features great patterned prints that the Magick Outlaw boys do so well. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite I want them all! From giant hoops to long strappy pieces of dangling leather these earrings are super sexy. Check out more pics after the jump and stay tuned for a Magick Outlaw and Fleathers giveaway coming soon!

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2 Responses to “M.I.S.S Vegas Review: Fleathers x Magick Outlaw at Pool Tradeshow”

  1. goodypie says:

    where can i get my paws on these? xo

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Goodypie,
    Fleathers are sold on Esty here:

    To get the ones in the pictures above you’ll have to wait a while because they are for a future season and haven’t shipped yet.


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