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M.I.S.S. Vegas Review: CTRL at MAGIC/SLATE

We’ve been fans of CTRL for some time now so it was a pleasure to meet Freeman and Esa, the boys behind the brand, in person.  CTRL is based in Helsinki, Finland so the guys made a trek out to Vegas but it was really worth it.  First off, the collection was shown on wire hangers – which brought flashbacks of “Mommy Dearest” to mind.  When you see the same hangers on all the racks, it’s refreshing to see designers infuse their personality into the details.  On to the clothes . . . For Spring 2009, Freeman was inspired by international cities and their individuality.  Cities like Paris and Jakarta played a strong role as recent trips to those places were fresh in his mind.  The inspiration can be seen mainly in the graphics and patterned prints.  Some favorites included his double entendre Paris tee (Paris, France v. Paris, Texas) and stone washed fleece (so comfy!).  Check out more pictures from the Spring 2009 collection after the jump.

His & Hers Matching Board Shorts:

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