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M.I.S.S. Vegas Review: 80%20 at Project Tradeshow

80%20′s collection “has come a long way, baby.” I remember when I first heard about the line I was really smitten by the slip-on’s with graphics . For Fall 2008, Ce ce’s gotten all grown and sexy on us. The line definitely has casual shoes for the girl on-the-go, but 80%20‘s line has expanded to include boots and heels. The boots come in wedge and heel styles: The wedges seem super comfy and the heels replicate the vintage silhouette in a way that’s nostalgic but still maintains a modern look. They come in all lengths from ankle to over-the-knee. The heels come in basic colors with accents of pop colors and are perfect for day-to-night transitional outfits. The Fall ’08 collection recently launched and be sure to check out more pics and the video Look Book after the jump.

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