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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Picks of the Week: Bag of Tricks – M.I.S.S. Michelle’s $10 and Under Make-up Bag Must Haves

For as much of a freak as I am, I can be insanely practical as seen in this week’s, picks: M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Bag of Tricks, which are great on the go products for $10 or less. These are products with very compact packaging that I always carry, and are especially helpful for when I travel, and were definitely in my bag of tricks during the craze of New York Fashion Week.

1. Go Smile FLASHLiTES

These are great to use if you are going to be on the go all day and night. Peroxide whitening gel comes packaged in a very small glass/paper ampoule, which you pop, then apply (the gel) to your teeth. Intended to use for teeth whitening on the go, these are better suited for teeth and breath freshening on the go, since 30 seconds does not seem like a sufficient amount of time for any peroxide bleaching to occur. For inexpensive, DIY Teeth Beaching, see my D.I.Y. Grill Polish tip from April 29, 2007 here.

Price: $10 for 7 applications
Value: Good
Accessibility: Moderate
Where to Buy: sephora.com, Sephora Stores

2. Shout Wipes

I tend to spill….especially foods with sauces, wine, mustard, chocolate, they always seem to make their way onto whatever it is I am wearing, so I’ve come to learn packing Shout Wipes in my purse is a lifesaver, or more rather, a clothes saver for me, which ultimately helps me protect my investments. For best results, as soon as possible dab the stain with the Shout wipe until it fades. When it comes time to launder, treat with a stain remover for 10 minutes, then wash in cold water. These work best on machine wash items, as dry cleaners can remove most stains and do an even more effective job if a person hasn’t tried to treat it themselves, which can “set in? the stain more than removing it.

Price: $3.99 12 Individually Wrapped Wipes
Value: Excellent
Accessibility: Excellent
Where to Buy: Drugstores, walgreens.com

3. Mini Matchbook Nail Files by the Body Shop

Nails seem to have a mind of their own sometimes. It is quite often I look down and a whole chunk of one of my nails is completely gone…but hell, I don’t trip when this happens, since I always have a match book nail file tucked away in my purse.

Price: $3.50 for 12
Value: Excellent
Accessibility: Moderate
Where to Buy: thebodyshop.com, Body Shop Stores

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!

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