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Listen Lady & Gourmet Collection By Lorena Barrezueta

A couple of months ago we were “introduced” to the work of Lorena Barrezueta. It was love at first site. Taking a material that one might associate with your grandmother’s candy dish or vase, porcelain, and bringing it to a modern and up-dated place, Battezueta, creates jewelry and tableware for the design savvy. Please believe this ain’t your Granny’s fruit bowl! All items are crafted by hand in her Brooklyn studio. Her jewelry collection, “Listen Lady“, features printed bangles and “Mannuel Communication,” all printed with 22K gold or platinum.  I am so into the tromp l’oeil studded bracelets and the watch bangles, lovingly named “Cassie” and “Rollie” . . . I can finally get the 22K Rolex I’ve been wanting! And her “Gourmet Collection” of tablewear made from molds of disposable take-out containers, genius . . . um, I’m no where near getting married but at least I know what to register for my tableware!

See Rollie, Cassie and much more after the jump!

I had the opportunity to use “Rollie” and “Cassie” in a resent editorial feature for, as seen below.

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