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Ladies Love Olivier Sitruk’s “Boy Capel” on Lifetime’s Coco Chanel

** Read the M.I.S.S. exclusive interview with Olivier Sitruk here**

It seems that it wasn’t just Barbora Bobulova who stole the show from Shirley MacLaine in Lifetime’s Coco Chanel made-for-TV movie. After I wrote my review, I have received LOTS of requests to find out more info on the mysterious and handsome actor who played Boy Capel, Chanel’s love of her life. The man in question is Olivier Sitruk, a French actor with piercing brown eyes and Mediterranean complexion. It’s your lucky day ladies, if you want to see more photos of the dashing actor check out his site here. Unfortunately it’s in French but click on “galeries” to view photos. For a listing of his past works check out imdb here. I hope that helps and quenches the thirst you have for Olivier Sitruk! Hopefully the French man will play more U.S. roles.

Read the exclusive M.I.S.S. interview with Olivier Sitruk.

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282 Responses to “Ladies Love Olivier Sitruk’s “Boy Capel” on Lifetime’s Coco Chanel”

  1. sushmaraju says:

    Oh wow!!! Interview with Olivier? This wud be great!!! Can’t wait to hear more…Thank u GDK.

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    The M.I.S.S. interview with the handsome Olivier Sitruk is up!

  3. jackie says:

    GDK thanks for the interview. I think it would be wonderful if this is something you could do with him on a regular basis. Just little updates until he can get going on the myspace. It is wonderful finding out little tidbits into his life!
    I a so glad that you got confirmation on the myspace. It is also wonderful news to hear his website is being translated into English.
    GDK thanks for the smile and the great work you do on here. How resourceful you are!

  4. Pamelia says:

    Thanks so much for the interview! Awesome! I guess I am totally out of luck I do not resemble Kate Winslet in any way. :) (More of an Emma Thompson looks)

    Still it is totally thrilling to read more about Mr. Sitruk.

    Oh ,and anyone who has seen the movie “3 Guys, 1 Girl, 2 Weddings”, will know that Olivier did NOT play the Gay love sick guy part. He played the Radio show Host. And the part was very straight guy.

    So, when can we look forward to being able to purchase him movies here?

  5. jackie says:

    Just on more comment on the Kate winslet look preference. I have always be very fond of the way she has stood her ground and refused to reform to the hollywood stick figure girl. Gotta admire a man who like a woman with some meet on their bones!

  6. sushmaraju says:

    Thank u so much GDK. U made my day!!! He is married ha? But why did he say he is single in myspace? I don’t get it!! Anywaz…thank u once gain for sharing this with all of us.

  7. jackie says:

    Sushmaraju How funny I was just coming back to say the same thing myself. I don’t get it either?!

  8. Sandy says:

    Dear GDK, You are truly a “Go Getter”! You are unstoppable, as Boy said about CoCo . I have watched the parts over and over that Olivier is in. Like all of us fans..I see the tango scene in my dreams. Thank you so much for the spectacular interview. Any updates are so welcomed. I love reading on this site as we share our new interest. Since the beginning I spend more time rewinding constantly! Lol. So we all look forward to the DVD in 2009.–Also was this interview via phone or computer? Thank you for making it happen!

  9. NATALIE says:

    YAY ! I final got my answer he is strait and unfortunantly married! Thanks for the English version of a interview! So in the mean time I will continue to blow up my TiVo with CHANEL and it doesnt seem like he is going to be single anytime soon,so I wish him happiness,and will continue to see him in my dreams lol …. :)

    Maybe eventualy I will get to PARIS and get a glemse of him out in the streets lol!


  10. I so much love the interview and to know he has a happy life with wife and child just like to know when he will do more amercian movies or tv with his own voice thanks to m.i.s.s chat with oliver also on reelz channel.com said about him he has skrocketed on internet searches thanks to coco channel keep up the good work ladies with all our hard work ,we could made him a star in u.s.

  11. Pamelia says:

    Oh, and fantastic picture with the interview.Some men just get better looking with age.

    Jackie, I share your opinion about Kate Winslow. Loved her work in “Flushed Away” :)

  12. Pamelia says:

    Wow, speaking of Kate Winslet, check out the cover of Vanity Fair.

    Think Olivier has seen it?

  13. Pamelia says:

    Well, looks like the party is over. Nice chatting with you all. :)

  14. DeeAnn says:

    It ought to be a crime for a man to look that good. I am in awe of him. This man is like….OMG. I too have watched the movie a few times to get my peek on. Somebody needs to write and American movie for this guy….easy on the eyes, great actor and the accent….yummmmyyyy.

  15. jacjie says:

    Hey ladies great news! I am watching the movie on LMN and it’s a longer version and Olivier is in it much more. Go to the LMN website to see when it’s on again. It’s on again tonight!

  16. jacjkie says:

    I was right it’s the uncut extended versio ladies. Hopefully each showing will be that. The movie makes so much more sense now!

  17. Luisa says:

    They just aired the movie tonight, I was never too interested in high couture, but I saw Boy Capell by accident and I just had to watch the whole movie, just to watch this incredibly handsome, deep actor that I had never seen before. I am going for my masters degree and I have tons of homework, but tonight Olivier had my total attention. This man is a dream, I am talking about the projection of his image, about the message of his eyes, about the features of his face and the overall character of the actor. Indeed, I imagined that the movie character had to be somehow dramatized or ven made up. I was surprised to find out that some parts of the movie where actually based on facts such as the car accident. But going back to the object of my affection “obsession” this man is someone that will have the world talking for years to come, he is beautiful and he demonstrates great talent as an actor. He will be in the small and big screens to add to our happiness, I know I will be very happy to see him again in movies throughout the world.

    Congratulations Olivier, you are not just very handosme, but also a great actor, one of the kind that we see every 100 years. See you again in your next movie :)

  18. Marta says:

    This is my second time watching the movie Coco Chanel, and I can’t seem to get over how handsome Olivier is. I searched for his name online because I wanted to see what other movies he had done. He played the part of Boy perfectly, you were falling in love with him just as Coco was falling in love. He actually reminds me of my first love, they have very similar facial features so I think I was even more enamored with him because of that fact :) Other than his looks his portrayl of the character was absolutely amazing! I thought I was the only one who thought Olivier’s good looks were irresistable but I can see that there’s hundreds of other women who feel the same way. Hopefully we’ll be seeing much more of his face in the years to come!

  19. regina says:

    I am so glad to have watched the uncut version of Coco, however I fell asleep, Can you believe it. I did notice more scenes with Olivier and I heard there was even more after I fell asleep. This man is so talented and he is extremely interesting too. I have found so much about him like his interests, hobbies, and more. What a find for the movie industry. He is in the caliber of our most beloved actors of the past. I really hope we will see more of him.

  20. Linda says:

    I just watched CoCo Chanel Movie on Lifetime. I was mesmerized by the actor that played Boy Capel. Oliver is hot. We need him in American films. I am going to watch again and again just to see him. He did a fantastic job.

  21. NATALIE says:

    BEEN so busy to write on our wonderful blog! THANK GOD FOR TIVO I now have the unedited version and it makes more sence than the first one we saw, I think the unedited one was on ITUNES ALSO. Yay for OLIVIER, He is OH LA LA HOT !!

  22. regina says:

    I am a bit confused right now! I just was reading on Facebook that Olivier states he is maried to another man? They both hve on their profiles they are married to each other. I am stunned if this is true! Does anyone know for sure or is this a joke?

  23. Flannie says:

    I watched the first part of the show last night on French TV. You are right: Sitruk really stole the show !

  24. Zana says:

    i believe what some other people said that Olivier Sitruk really needs
    to start making more movies because i loved looking at him so cute and
    such a lovely actor ..hope to see more :)

  25. Sandy T says:

    Sitruk could NOT be more yummy; OMG he’s every woman’s dream.

  26. angie says:

    I just recorded this movie on my DVR last week. I am ashamed to say that I have already watched the movie about 7 times so far. Just to see Olivier. He is beautiful! Love the 2 tango scenes. And when he told CoCo that her would find her anywhere? I was in love. I even burned the movie on DVD.

  27. cha cha says:

    thanks to know a good actor`~

  28. encarna says:

    I´m happy to have found you all. Since I discover Oliver Sitruk, two weeks ago, on Spanish tv, I can not think in any other thing but him, his enigmatic eyes, his hair, his beautifull lips, his voice….. By the way, I need your help. I have found a french version on the film in emule, but my french in not realy good, although this way Í´ve got the oportunity of listening his real voice. Anyway, is there a place in the net in which i am able to get or buy the English version? Which other film do you recomend about him? is his wife an actress?
    Thanks you all for sharing my feelings, although if he were mine, i would never share him…..

  29. NATALIE says:

    looking for the movie COCO CHANNEL, its on ITUNES :)

  30. Claudia says:

    I would park my shoes under his bed anytime!!! His looks!!! Better than Clark Gable.

  31. coco says:

    It is so lucky to find here,I fall in love with him on the first sight ,his magnetic voice,piercing eyes,and his smile.I do not understand why he finally married with another women .maybe in the bottom of heart he desire the love of family,but he think that can not get it from coco……a very sad ending

  32. zooey zhao says:

    Olivier Sitruk is absolutly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is so charming and irresistable… OMG, He is the sexist men I ever met. Amazing movie, amazing man, amazing love… fabulous


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