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So back in July, I rocked up at a small studio in the green belt of West London to meet designer, Sarah and photographer, Jess for the shoot of Girl Gang’s new range. Eagerly anticipating my attire for the day, I was most pleased to find that I’d have roller skates and a very 90s looking stereo as props!

Fast forward a couple months to now and, finally, the new line has been launched! Expect subdued pastels flecked with bold designs. If you love shoes as much as I do, I’d highly recommend the leggings! I’d also suggest the grey puff ball skirt. Everything about it is so now.

Check out my girl Nhuc rockin’ the pink puffball and white tank with chain detail!

Tip for the weekend:  Don’t try to skate and work your portable stereo at the same time . . . unless you want to eat chipped teeth and concrete!

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