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Dirty Laundry: The Art of the Stain in Modern T-Shirt Design

This one’s for our readers in beautiful Hawaii! The Nuuanu Gallery in Honolulu is hosting an exhibition called Dirty Laundry: The Art of the Stain in Modern T-Shirt Design. The basic concept is that they asked designers to stain t-shirts with a medium of their choice (grass, wine, lipstick, etc.) and then design custom artwork that uses the stain as an integral design element. Lots of cool artists and designers are participating including Mike Perry, Damien Correll, Frank Chimero (a favorite of mine!), Kris Chau, Wyeth Hansen and Tim Gough.

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The show opening is September 5th and the show runs till September 20th! Definitely try to catch this show if you’re out there. I’m hoping they bring it to the Bay Area soon. The concept for the show is simple yet brilliant. It also reminds me a bit of the renewable clothing we posted about back in July.

You can check out the full roster of artists and get more details about the show at!

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