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“Coco Chanel” on Lifetime Review

Last night I tuned in to Lifetime’s Coco Chanel, the story of the rise of one of the greatest fashion designer’s ever. Not only a fashion icon, Gabrielle Chanel is an inspiration to women and is the embodiment of the “modern woman,” a woman fiercely independent with a strong will and desire to achieve her dreams. I had expressed some doubt as to the casting, Ms. MacLaine as the grand dame of fashion was a bit of a stretch for me, but I tuned in nonetheless. If it’s about Chanel, I’m there! The film was about Mademoiselle’s youth and her rise from orphan to successful, independent designer. Barbora Bobulova played the “young chanel” and I think she did an amazing job. She had a believable French accent, resembled the young Gabrielle and gave life to Chanel’s struggles and emotions. I wish they aged Ms. Bobulova with make-up (as they did her cousin Adrienne) rather than cast Shirley MacLaine as Chanel. In a word, she was awful. Somehow, with age, Chanel lost her French accent. MacLaine didn’t even attempt a French accent – if she did it was barely noticeable. She sounded like a “hat check girl” in a Chanel costume and her lines were Chanel quotes strung together as “dialogue.” Thankfully, the film actually starred Barbora Bobulova and not Shirley MacLaine as the film was promoted. The film concentrated on Chanel’s youth with bits of older Chanel (MacClaine) telling her story. Though I detested the parts with MacLaine in it (I swear, it was really that bad), I actually did enjoy the film and it was wonderful to see Chanel’s early rise brought to life. I would definitely recommend viewing this, though you may want to plug your ears for the MacLaine lines, and if you missed it last night, tune in tonight to Lifetime at 7 pm.

P.S. – It seems like a lot of ladies are wondering who played the handsome Boy Capel – we’ve investigated for you and it’s Olivier Sitruk.

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13 Responses to ““Coco Chanel” on Lifetime Review”

  1. i researched olivier sitruk as well but couldn’t find a bio on him, in english anyway. did you guys have any luck?

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    He’s French, you can find some info on him here:

  3. Tammy LaDawn Barker says:

    This Oliver Sitruk who played Boy Capel in Coco Chanel “Lifetime” movie was simply breathtaking in his role. I enjoyed the movie and it has become one of my favorites. The entire cast (in my opinion) was very well cast and this Oliver Sitruk, well it would be ashame if we Americans don’t get to see more of his good looks and talent … SOON! Come on you casting directors, you should know talent when you see it and this young man has it ALL.

  4. Arlyne Mendoza says:

    Just to say that Oliver Sitruk is very handsome. What a great movie. Thank you for the website. I want to know more about him.

  5. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Just finished watching it tonight…what a great movie!

    Barbora Bobulova was great! Oliver Sitruk was amazing…

    Did anyone else cry over the scene at the accident?! When she touched his white scarf, I lost it!

    Great review, GDK! On point!

  6. Arlyne Mendoza says:

    I agree, Oliver Sitruk is breathtaking. The whole crew was just wonderful. We need more pictures of Oliver Sitruk. Having a hard time finding anything on him. He needs to know us American women are struck by his good looks and talent.

  7. Mary says:

    I love Chanel as well and totally agree with the casting of Shirley McLaine. I did notice that when the time came for her part in the movie that the accent was not there at all. I got a bit confused until I watched it again right after that and noticed it again. So I wasn’t going crazy. She didn’t even try to fake anything just went along with it. Now I love Shirley McLaine as well but it would have been better if she at least tried to fake an accent for Ms. Chanels role. I am thrilled they made a movie of such a great woman/designer. All and all I thought the movie was good and yes I agree Olivier who played Boy was a handsome addition to the movie. Though people who I know that watched the movie say it was the first man that they had Ms. Chanel with that was handsome or hot in other words – I beg to differ. Thank you for finding out about the actor etc. Regards. Mary

  8. Tammy LaDawn says:

    Forgive me for getting so carried away with Oliver Sitruk’s performance (and handsome looks) that I failed to specifically mention our beloved Shirley MacLaine. I agree that maybe the accent should have been defined in her role but come on now..our LADY had such the attitude that I simply forgot all about the accent until I began reading the blogs related to the movie. In my personal opinion you can not replace TALENT and that is what our Shirley brings to the table with each performance. I would love to have the opportunity to spend the day talking with her and watching her film a role. Shirley brought out what I imagined Channel to be and really if we are that concerned over the accent, the entire film should have been in French woulden’t you agree?

  9. nina says:

    Oliver Sitruk is soooooo handsome. I have watched this movie at least seven times because of him….Oh Boy!. Where can we find more info about him (in English)? I just cannot get enough of him…. I also think that “young Coco did very good job. The “missing accent” with MacLaine did not bother me at all. I just thought, maybe she got rid off it over the years. Great movie.

  10. michela says:

    I like Olivier too.. I’m italian, but it’s difficult for me too to find informations about him… but I could send you many screenshots from his movies..

  11. cherodi says:

    I would like you all to know that I just now saw the movie, and had to do a double take. Because Oliver Sitruk looks exactly like my brother Jason Welle. He’s on myspace if you don’t believe me..

  12. Olivia says:

    Oliver Sitruk was simply breath taking in the movie about Coco Chanel. Each actor/actress did wonder in there parts. The movie wouldn’t have been what it is without each of them. However, being female – Oliver’s part made the romance and love story exciting and as breathing taking as Dr. Zhivago, Officier and Gentleman, Legends of the Falls and so many more. I too could watch it over and over just to look into his beautiful eyes. I hope to see him in more American/English movies even with Kate Winslet.


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