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It’s an exciting time for the women’s sneaker game – it seems like people are noticing that ladies love kicks too (finally!). The big companies have started tapping women designers to design collaborative projects and smaller independent companies are beginning to cater to the women’s market by developing new lines just for us. The newest kid on the block is an offshoot of JB Classics, is strictly for the ladies, and is called Booji.  The first model, releasing later this year, is called Regal-One.  To say that it’s Chanel inspired is an understatement.  Between the quilting and the side purse (reminiscent of the ankle bracelet purses Karl created for his trouble-making celebrity clientele), most Chanel fans would find something to love about this shoe.  I personally love these sneaks – it’s a great silhouette (high tops – yay!), i love the quilting and side purse, and you know I’m a sucker for lace locks.  Stay tuned for more styles and a release date.

Check out more pics after the jump.

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2 Responses to ““Booji”licious”

  1. jessy says:

    hey whats up my name is Jessy and i am very very interested in this shoe! I been lookin for it all over the web and it dont seem like i can get it anywhere!? and i was wondering if it is possible to order it somehow but the thing is i am from germany and i doubt that they have any stres selling this shoe…if there is a way to get it please let me know! hope to hear from you soon! jessy

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hi Jessy,
    All I know is what I put in the post – I would get in touch with MDot at JB Classics – Bst of Luck!


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