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Always A Lady: His Friends (& Brother) Are Off Limits

While I was waiting to get into a show at NY Fashion Week the other week I overheard a young woman say the craziest thing.  No, I wasn’t eavesdropping – we were crammed together like cattle and it’s impossible not to hear what people around you are saying.  She was talking about boys and how she had to email her man’s brother, but “it wasn’t like that.?  She then proceeded to say:

“I’ll f!#k his best friends, but not his brother.?

I am not making this up. She said it like she was saying something innocuous like “I have to stop by the grocery store on the way home.?  Trust, it took every ounce of self -control not to turn around and glare at this woman.  It’s moments like these that inspire Always A Lady columns.

If you’re anything remotely close to being a lady this woman is appalling and you’re probably pretty shocked.  If her comment doesn’t phase you, then here’s a few things for you to consider.  Let’s start with The Golden Rule:  Treat others the way you want to be treated.  Would you want your man playing around with your friends? Didn’t thinks so.  Don’t do that to him.  Whether it’s with his friends, brother or stranger, it’s never a good idea to cheat on someone.  There’s really no reason for it.  No one’s forcing you to be in a relationship.  If you want to be with other people, get out of your relationship and do what you want.  But sneaking around on someone you supposedly care about is just dumb and selfish.  Relationships are built on trust and loyalty, and without those, you have nothing.  If you have an open relationship, and you’re both on the same page then do your thing, but if you’re in a monogamous relationship, respect your partner.

Of course every rule has its exceptions.  I’m not saying you should cheat.  But once your relationship is over, and you find that you are better suited to his friend or brother (please not both), and it’s based on more than pure lust, and no one’s feelings will get hurt, then I think it would be safe to follow your heart.

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