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Wrangler Tries To Be Cool & Instead Looks Like An Ass

Wrangler, the good ‘ol cowboy denim company seems to be trying to have an image makeover with some new ads for the French market.  The ads feature photos of apparent corpses by a river.  The photo featuring a man shows his bloodied legs and the photo of the woman features her topless (of course), ass crack showing and face-down in the water.  Aside from these photos being disturbing the fact that the woman’s photo is sexualized (even in death) is in really bad taste.  Here’s to more misogyny in our lovely world.

It’s such a shame that instead of celebrating it’s rich history and heritage Wrangler is choosing to portray itself in this way.  Are these ads really going to sell jeans?  What do you think??

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One Response to “Wrangler Tries To Be Cool & Instead Looks Like An Ass”

  1. tkc says:

    It’s almost as if they don’t want you to buy the jeans for the second picture. If that’s what my jeans will look like wet, nonono thankyou!


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