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We Got The Beat: Amy Winehouse, The Ska EP

Amy Winehouse is on the road to self-destruction (some could argue that she’s already reached her destination) and, sadly—because of this—her Ska EP has fallen very low under the radar.

With absolutely no fanfare, her 2 Tone-inspired 7″EP entitled, Amy Winehouse: The Ska EP is 4 tracks of Amy interpreting Ska classics that you may or may not have heard first from listening to British ska legends, The Specials.

Here are the covers:

A1. Monkey Man (Toots & The Maytals)
A2. Hey Little Rich Girl (The Specials)
B1. You’re Wondering Now (Andy & Joe)
B2. Cupid (Sam Cooke)

My short review is this: Her song choice is fun, her vocals are strong and I don’t believe anyone has ever done a ska version of Cupid by Sam Cooke (my favorite of the 4). This EP is worth listening to.

Click on the image above to download the 4 track EP and share your thoughts below!

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4 Responses to “We Got The Beat: Amy Winehouse, The Ska EP”

  1. OHW2007 OHW says:

    Hey Lex,
    where can I get a copy of this in SF?

  2. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Hey Ali! You can check Amoeba or Rasputin but I hear that because it’s on wax not a lot of places are picking it up (even thought it’s bordering being a novelty/collectible item). There’s a handful of copies on eBay but most are out of the UK…including some limited white and grey pieces.

    That’s the word but I’ll let you know if I see anything!

  3. tangerine says:

    just fabulous.

  4. willem says:

    The slackers did a ska version of cupid :)


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