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Unicornasaurus Comes To Life Today!

When I was younger I was all about unicorns.  I had unicorns on just about everything, so when I found out about this new vinyl toy, I was ecstatic.  Kidrobot presents “Unicornasaurus” by the fantastical mind of Joe Ledbetter, proving once and for all that unicorns really do exist (I knew it!).  Part unicorn, part dinosaur, these mystical creatures boast magical pendants that hang from their rotating necks.  Available in two colors, the Unicornasaurus comes to life today and can be purchased here.  Make your dreams into a reality and own your very own unicorn!

Check out close-ups of the Unicornasaurus and the packaging after the jump . . .

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One Response to “Unicornasaurus Comes To Life Today!”

  1. Deb Gallardo says:

    So with these vinyl unicorn and dinosaur hybrids, I am thinking “Can an animated series be far behind?” There is nothing quite like a built-in market. I know some parents object to series built around toys, but personally I don’t see it as an issue.


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