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“Thank You, Mr. President: Helen Thomas at The White House”

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“You can’t have a democracy without an informed people.” Those are the words of Helen Thomas a journalist who has been part of the White House Press Corp for over 60 years and has asked 9 U.S. Presidents difficult questions to give the people the answers they’re entitled to. You may know her as the lil’ ol’ lady in the Press Corp who is not afraid to ask the questions that the White House sometimes doesn’t want to answer. I wish there were more journalists like her – ones who were interested in exposing the truth, not just summarizing “talking points.”

On Monday, HBO premiered “Thank You, Mr. Presidnet: Helen Thomas at The White House” a documentary following the career of Ms. Thomas, the challenges she faced and establishing her career in what was a male-dominated industry. The documentary is directed by Rory Kennedy, niece of the first President she covered, John F. Kennedy. I heard a segment on NPR about the documentary and it piqued my interest – you should definitely give it a listen here – it’s only a few minutes. If you want more, you can find info on the HBO documentary here and reruns here.

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  1. There’s an awesome clip of her at a press conference, ready to address serious issues when Nixon passes her a compliment and she hesitates at the thought of looking ungracious – but asks her Watergate question anyway.

    Flattery won’t get you nowhere when a boss lady is involved!


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