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Rosaries – Not Just For Shiksas Anymore

Rosaries have always come and gone as a fashion statement, and when I think of them as fashion, I always have the image of Madonna in my head as the Catholic School girl gone bad. Carlen Altmen, a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn was tired of Christian girls having all the fun so she decided to design rosaries using Jewish iconography. Now, Jewish girls can make their own fashion statements with Jewish Rosaries with Hamsas, Stars of David, Moses, and many other options. The Jewish Rosaries come in lots of color options or in gold or silver. I think the idea is really neat and unique and you can order them online here. Check out some Jewish Rosaries after the jump . . .

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2 Responses to “Rosaries – Not Just For Shiksas Anymore”

  1. dweeberific says:

    Really cool.

  2. Nina Parks says:

    So Sick! I need to grab one of these. I’m half Jewish LOL “Just the good half”-(Watch Goodfella’s)


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