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Question For McCain: Do You Think We’re That Stupid?

Does McCain think that women will vote for him now because he chose a woman VP running-mate? Does he think that we won’t care that she’s completely inexperienced? Does he think that we won’t notice that she’s pro-life and doesn’t represent what’s best for women’s interests? I am offended by Mr. McCain’s choice. He doesn’t seem to think that we’d notice his ploy. How about choosing someone who even knows what the Vice President does. Is this the woman who we want in charge should something happen to McCain? I’d love to see a woman in office more than anyone but that doesn’t mean I’ll vote for anything with a vagina.

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2 Responses to “Question For McCain: Do You Think We’re That Stupid?”

  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Thank You, Gabriella! My thoughts exactly!

    “How LOW!” was my first thought when I heard this news! I’m glad ladies like us can see right through McCain but it’s sad to hear some life-long female Democrats ACTUALLY considering to switch because of McCain’s pick.

    If a man who, less than than two years ago, had been the mayor of a town with a smaller population than some urban school districts, had been the chosen as McCain’s VP, people would have been very quick to question his experience…there may have even been a call for reconsideration.

  2. < 3 Dee says:

    That makes three of us!

    I got nothing but love for a bit of estrogen being brought to this testosterone owned world, but it’s offending to think McCain believes women won’t catch up on what he’s trying to do. Since Hilary isn’t in the picture he probably thinks bringing this lady as his vice president is going to make woman vote for him, sadly it’s worked on some since they did say some former Hilary Clinton voters are switching to McCain.

    I agree with the lovely lady above, if it was a man that had the same experience it would definitely be questioned and made a mockery up, just as they question Obama’s experience compared to McCain’s saying he’s not experience enough, but all of a sudden she is, pathetic.

    I never heard of her, but it’s always good having REAL powerful women, but come on McCain, you ain’t tricking us man.


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