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Puma Cell Meio

One of Puma‘s newest releases for women includes the Cell Meio, with a dress shoe-inspired upper and Puma’s innovative new inverse duo-CELL technology visible on the forefoot and the heel, the Cell Meio is the perfect union of style and substance. The Cell Meio combines cutting-edge sport technology with good looks for a shoe that is as technologically advanced and as it is fashion-forward. Since you should never have to surrender fashion for function, the Cell Meio translates seamlessly from a killer workout at the gym to a swanky night out.

What I really like about this shoe is the technological advancement of it all. Here’s how it works: The Cell Meio’s full-length inverse duo-CELL technology is a twist on Puma’s widely used duo-CELL technology; cell cushioning units are relocated from the external midsole to the outsole and flipped upside down. Instead of responding as a single unit, each cell reacts independently to the ground (a smaller cell depresses into a larger cell with each step), creating a ride that’s tailored to both the terrain and the wearer’s foot strike. It sounds like you’re running on your own personal cloud.

The Cell Meio is available in men’s and women’s styles at PUMA Concept Stores nationwide and online at Inspired by the Summer Games, Puma has released Cell Meio Metallic Crocs (green/gold, blue/yellow, and red/black) represents a PUMA-sponsored team – Jamaica, Sweden, and Morocco. The shoes feature the team colors, a faux-croc upper, and the country’s flag on the heel. Why do men get all the cool shoes?? Not fair! Just in case you’re lucky enough to fit into men’s sizes I’ve included pics for you after the jump . . . .

The other women’s colorway – white/pink:

Jamaica Colorway:

Sweden Colorway:

Morocco Colorway:

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