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Piz Buin Sunband, Sun Safe and Savvy

So, while out on Saturday night I met this lovely lady who was rocking this cool bracelet. I said “Wow, I really like your bracelet” and she said, it’s actually sun screen!! And I was like, “WHAT?!?!?” So I snapped some picts and did a little research. Of course this product comes from Europe…all the really “cool” stuff usually comes from some place where we can’t get it. Here’s a little history:

The PIZ BUIN® brand traces its origin back to the inspiration of Franz Greiter, a young chemistry student, who suffered severe sunburn while climbing PIZ BUIN®, a mountain on the Swiss-Austrian border, in 1938. In a small laboratory in his parents’ home, he formulated a product that would protect the skin against the adverse effects of the sun, a product that would later become known as PIZ BUIN®.

I kinda want one of each color. Sun care is always in fashion and now even more so! See more after the jump!

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