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Paint Pens in Purses

“Paint Pens in Purses” is a series of all-female urban art shows gaining its start this year! Shayna Yasuhara believes we are in the early stages of a new art movement which will and must involve the touch of female artists. The first show of the series, which features works by Nineta, Lichiban, Morgan Thomas, Kim Harris, Heather McGrath, illy L, and Shayna Shenanigans, will take place at Via Matta on August 6th. The series will continue throughout the fall at more venues including: LAB in Allston, and Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge.

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3 Responses to “Paint Pens in Purses”

  1. I am so psyched that my event made your site! This is the goddess of all blog sites! More to follow…..

  2. lakitty says:

    Wow…you really know how to get the nail sequence going on your blog! I love it!!! My inspiration when I get my “nails did”!!!

  3. BLB BLB says:

    Hey Shayna!!! Thanks for the major compliment!!! Hope the event is a huge success! Send us picts from the night and we’ll gladly post ’em up!! xoxo, Liz 😉


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