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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Picks and Tip of the Week: Big Ballin’ – The Lazy Lady’s Way to Whittling your Waist

This week’s tip and picks is inspired by the mental block I have in regards to exercise, henceforth illustrated by my work chair: A stability ball. Looking quite odd, and slightly pervy, and forever eliciting curious stares and comments, sitting on one of these during my work week, according to research and a friend’s personal trainer, keeps my waist shaped and my posture straight because your body is constantly having to make small adjustments in order to balance itself on the ball, which has the same effect as a constant low impact pilates workout. Sitting on a stability ball is an easy and mindless way to workout your core muscles (see diagram below) including your abs, and strengthens your back.

TIP: Works especially well while watching TV and when working on a computer.

*These balls come in different sizes, so for optimal results, use your height to determine what size ball will work best for you, e.g. larger balls for taller people, etc., and if you want to move beyond your sitting stability ball workout, check out these recommended stability ball exercises, from Fitness Magazine.

Core Muscles

Stability Ball – What I have at home

Price: $12
Value: Good
Accessibility: Good
Where to buy: Target.com, Target Stores

Stability Ball Chair – What I have at work. (Good for the office since the ball is stationary, and won’t roll all over the place.)

Price: $80 – $140
Value: Moderate
Accessibility: Good
Where to buy: Amazon.com, Target.com

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!

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